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The Benefits of eBooks For Kids

Not only are adults enjoying eBooks, but the concept of the new learning tool is taking hold with tweens and teens as the shifting of traditional books moves into an all-media market. People in general are becoming more allured and obsessed by electronic gadgets, and as ideas of how to save the planet by ending the continuous cutting of trees for printing, the technology of eBooks has merged to offer kids more online options for reading than ever before.

The lives of children and teens today is completely immersed in electronic data. With digital media being offered more in the classroom, educators and parents alike have discovered that the benefits offered through eBooks can be useful to promote reading at a very young age. There are specific reasons why you should consider eBooks as a great resource for your child, regardless of age.

eBooks as Learning Tools

One of the benefits of children’s eBooks is the interactive experience they can offer. Using eBooks can provide a learning tool that allows you the opportunity to teach your child the keyboard at a pre-school age. Pre-school children love to push buttons, and using a computer keyboard is no different. They will learn to locate eBooks themselves and be proficient on a keyboard at a younger age.

The colors and pictures on the computer screen will fascinate younger children, helping them to identify and promote language skills. The future of teaching young children in school may include tests that actually indicate a child’s digital reading proficiency. Introducing children to eBooks at a young age could help them excel in elementary school.

Also, eBooks last and show no wear or tear. A favorite childhood book can be preserved for generations, and realizing that no trees were cut to print an eBook is a great way to teach children Eco-friendly lifestyles. With these facts in mind, research has proven how beneficial reading to a young child can be to help determine how successful they will be in school in later years. With the digital age, jobs will only become more technical, and children will fare better along the way if they are taught the digital media beginning in early stages.

Another proven teaching tool of eBooks for kids is that you can share them together by reading aloud to them, and they are available in many formats – non-fiction, fiction, pictures, and animation. Bringing a story to life on a computer screen guarantees a child’s attention.

Where to Find eBooks for Kids

With online books available in so many markets, eBooks for kids can also be found at many reputable, educational sites. The New York Public Library is an excellent source for eBooks for kids. Offering many titles, eBooks for kids can be downloaded and the only requirement is a library card issued by them.

There are also online book clubs available that your child may want to take part in. These have great benefits for older children and teens. Packed with extra features such as quizzes and competitions with posted results, the book clubs promote online reading which incorporates eBooks into older children’s everyday lives.

Another excellent place to find eBooks for children of any age is The Rosetta Stone volunteer project. This site scans history books and offers interesting stories for children in different languages. The International Children’s Digital Library also offers thousands of online books in many languages for children to enjoy.

Benefits of eBooks for Older Youth

The benefits of eBooks for kids in their tween and teen years are virtually limitless. Having developed the love for reading at a young age, an older child will discover sites like iTunes, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble and will continually seek fascinating selections of books in all formats.

You may consider purchasing a digital reader for your child. Digital readers can hold hundreds of titles and many hours of enjoyment. Whether the child prefers interaction through animation, different voices, or non-fiction volumes, an older child could be learning through online libraries and developing eye-hand coordination that is not possible with old fashioned books. Also, memory sticks are available that will enhance many devices. A child can easily store eBooks into a backpack where the books are available any time the child is ready to read or research.

There are some great reasons for offering eBooks to your children in addition to the enjoyment of just sitting down with them and reading together. Reading to children at a young age can truly help them develop a love for reading that will last a lifetime. While there is no way to turn back time to the old days of shelving a book once it has been read only to gather dust with time, eBooks offer children a modern, exciting look into the future of reading and education, and will help them develop the ability to excel and be successful in the future.

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